London – 10/28/14 – City University London

City University
Tuesday, October 28, 2014
7:00pm - All Ages
City University London (map)
Northampton Square
London EC1V 0HB
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Morton Feldman, For Aaron Copland
Charlie Sdraulig, between
Michael Maierhof, shopping 4
Alvin Lucier, Music for Piano with Slow Sweep Pure Wave Oscillators
Neil Luck, Clubc
Elo Masing, study in silence

Ilze Ikse - flute
Linda Jankowska - violin
Elo Masing - violin and balloon
Benedict Taylor - viola and balloon
Gwenaƫlle Rouger - piano
Charlie Sdraulig - balloon

This programme concentrates on various aspects of the physicality of instrumental performance with special attention to formulas of restraint. All the pieces in the programme have a rather singular focus on a particular sonic or conceptual domain, as well as often gradually unfolding processes that are used as a means of experimentation and exploration. These qualities manifest themselves in the careful attention paid to the pure sonority of the violin in Feldman's For Aaron Copland, the tenuous cuing procedures of between by Charlie Sdraulig, the meticulous investigation of the sonic possibilities afforded by balloons rubbed by sponges in shopping 4 by Michael Maierhof, the beating between piano and sine tones in Music for Piano with Slow Sweep Pure Wave Oscillators by Alvin Lucier, the contorted hand shapes of Clubc by Neil Luck and the muted instrumental choreography of study in silence by Elo Masing.

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