working it …

” People occupy the mattering map (…). The map in fact is the projection of its inhabitants’ perceptions. A person’s location on it is determined by what matters to him, matters overwhelmingly, the kind of mattering that produces his perceptions of people, of himself and others: who are the nobodies and who the somebodies, who the deprived and who the gifted, who the better-never-to-have-been-born and who the heroes. One and the same person can appear differently when viewed from different positions, making interterritorial communication sometimes difficult. And then some of us do an awful lot of moving around from region to region.”

Rebecca Goldstein “The Mind-Body Problem”

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Spotting points where my thoughts, questions and concerns intersect with those of my collaborators became a vital part of my practice.
It is as much a way of developing new musical ideas as it is a way of being.
Long – term working it…

I move around holding a personal mattering map made of friction surfaces, offerings and some elements hard to define.
I find sonic amalgamates of friendships.

 boundarymind with Katherine Young

The Raft Breaks with Sam Salem

Flear Monsce with Mauricio Pauly

Elec turned Lines for Linda with Pablo Vergara

w/Murat Çolak and Christian Smith

Variations on a Theme with Dejana Sekulič, Irine Røsnes, Pablo Galaz, Colin Frank



Linda & M

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