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‘For the beauty of the act. Reflections on the concept of interdisciplinary virtuosity in new music performance’



CeReNeM Journal nr 7, 2020
Performing Stuff Human-Entity Interactions in Contemporary Artistic Practice

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p. 42
Collaboration as Contingent on Material Encounters in Making Imitate Elegance Expertly, (Re)Thinking Violin Virtuosity // by Dejana Sekulic, Irine Røsnes, Linda Jankowska, Colin Frank

p. 146
The TenderListener – Collaboration and Friendship as Compositional Methodology in boundarymind // by Linda Jankowska & Katherine Young



The Sampler (2017)
Cut & Splice 2017: Meet Hanna Hartman



Emory Compfest 2021 – Creativity Conversation w/ George Staib, Adam Mirza, Akiva Zamcheck & Katherine Young

‘co-composition in boundarymind’ presentation at the Yarn/Wire Institute w/Katherine Young (2020)

Distractfold Conversations from Quarantine Podcast (2020)

w/ Hanna Hartman

w/Ute Wassermann

‘The Raft Breaks’ presentation at NOVARS Research Centre w/Sam Salem (2020)