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Distractfold Ensemble


Pieces I made:

Parable of the Prize of Heaven (2024), for objects, electronics, fixed media and video

Life as an Abstract Organisation of Frequencies (in progress), for tubular bells, violin, prepared snare, electronics, fixed media and video


Projects I co-created and co-composed:

 boundarymind with Katherine Young

presentation at the Yarn/Wire Institute
CeReNeM journal article 
– RomanSusan work in progress installation 
ESS Quarantine Concerts/Emory CompFest streaming performance

Crystal hysteria with Ilona Krawczyk





Pieces I have collaborated on:

we are the birds that stay (2020) w/ Santiago Díez-Fischer

The Raft Breaks (2019) with Sam Salem  – videoblogpost about the process  presentation at NOVARS Research Centre

Immitate Elegance Expertly (2019) with Colin Frank, Irine Røsnes, Dejana Sekulic – CeReNeM journal article 

Elec turned Lines for Linda (2017) with Pablo Vergara

Pas de deux (2015) with Jenna Lyle

bow breath crow (2015-7) with Katherine Young


Projects I have collaborated on:

Collaborations are More Refreshing than New Socks w/Ine Vanoeveren , Marco Fusi, Winnie Huang, Max Greyson

Mixed Currents with Dejana Sekulič, Irine Røsnes, Pablo Galaz, Colin Frank


Linda & M

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